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Aug. 13th, 2013



[Selling Doujinshi] DenNor. Buy 3, get the 4th one 50% off!

Currently, I have the following series doujinshi available:
[5] Ao no Exorcist - (Yukio/Rin, Shima/Rin)
[3] Code Geass - (Suzaku/Lelouch)
[6] Gundam 00 - (Lockon/Setsuna, Graham/Setsuna)

[5] Kuroko no Basket - (Aomine/Kuroko, Kagami/Kuroko, GoM/Kuroko)
[8] Kuroshitsuji - (Sebastian/Ciel)
[2] Lucky Dog 1 - (Ivan/Gian, Luchino/Gian)

[4] Magi - Labyrinth of Magic - (Sinbad/Ja'far)
[3] Naruto - (Sasuke/Naruto) by acute girls
[10] Prince of Tennis - (Chitose/Shiraishi, Zaizen/Oshitari/Zaizen, Kirihara/Niou, Yagyuu/Niou)

[15] Tiger & Bunny - (Barnaby/Kotetsu)
[1] Togainu no Chi - (1 Reprint - All/Akira)

You can find them all here (Near the bottom of the page):

[47] Hetalia - (USUK, FrUK, GerIta, SuFin, DenNor, Prussia/Germany, Spain/Romano)
Please head over to: CLICK02
[46] Hitman Reborn - (Squalo/Dino, 8027, D27, 1827, 5927, 6927, Xanxus27, Spanner27)
Please head over to: CLICK03

Prices are NEGOTIABLE!

Jul. 20th, 2011



[AMV] Dine Øjne

After a long time of lurking, my here's my first post~ =)

Title: Dine Øjne
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Denmark/Norway
Rating: T
Warnings: Kissing and a tad of blood
Summary: A Denmark/Norway slideshow, to Dine Øjne by Jon Nørgaard.

Please click the preview to view the video~ ^^

Jul. 18th, 2011

DenmarkxNorway - Kiss


21 DenNor Icons~

Warning - contained within a very image-heavy post!


Jan. 26th, 2011



[Fanfiction] Skip Ahead To The Ending, 1/3

Title: Skip Ahead To The Ending
Author: oreo_ornament 
Rating: T
Warnings: Blood, gore, character "death"
Summary: It was just supposed to be a simple journey home, like they'd done a thousand times before. He hadn't known they were in the company of Judases.

Skip ahead to the ending. And when you reach the end, stop.

Jan. 17th, 2011


[Fanart] Norway Doll©

Artist: randomsplashes
Character(s): Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, slight Den/Nor
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Art is Here @ dA 

Jan. 10th, 2011

SuFin Kitties


[Fanfic] Áðr ástir

Title: Áðr ástir
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): young!Denmarkxyoung!Norway
Rating: K/G
Warnings: none
Summary: Deanonning from the kink meme. The summer of 940 was an memorable time for childhood friends Denmark and Norway. It was the summer that they experienced their first loves.

Jan. 1st, 2011

♕ - entente cordiale [aph]


[fic] we are all fools in love - denmark/norway

title: We are all fools in love
author: leriacossato  @ ultio_ultionis 
character(s)/pairing(s): Denmark ; Norway ; Denmark/Norway
warning(s): none
rating: PG-13
summary: Norway realizes that perhaps he has been a fool all this time. Written as a Christmas gift for twoxten.

( ❝ I didn't know you liked chick flicks, Norge. ❞ )

Dec. 28th, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes Dance Butt


Nordic Madness

Summary: In which Denmark attempts to look after a baby Iceland; push Sweden’s buttons; and make Finland the best damn birthday cake he’s ever seen.

Characters: All the Nordics of course: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Also
featuring Baby!Ice~
Also if this is not the type of post allowed in this community, please let me know and I'll gladly remove
it! (That happens to me a lot xp)

And The Madness Begins

Dec. 24th, 2010



[Fanfic] "You Will Have to Live First" .{Christmas Present for cjloveslink}.

Title: You Will Have to Live First
Author: nickyliicious
PG (I think)
Warnings: Battle scene.
Genre: ...
Summary: Denmark gets injured in battle and Norway takes care of him.
Notes: This is the fic I wrote for the Nordic Secret Santa Exchange.
My recipient was the lovely cjloveslink.

Prompt: "I would love a fic that shows how these two got to this point"

click click ;DCollapse )

Dec. 13th, 2010



Fic: Burrow in my Heart

Title: Burrow in my Heart
Pairing: DenmarkxNorway (Obviously)
Fandom: Axis Powers - Hetalia
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Bunny!Norway, AU, Fluff

Summary: Denmark is out hunting when he finds an interesting creature.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, this web-comic/anime belongs strictly to its owner and all rights are justly his. I only own the order of these silly words.

And as a heads up, I did not give Denmark a human name because, well, he doesn't have a human name. And while I do know fic writers give him a name I did not because this fic is not serious enough for me to actually give him one. I hope you understand.

 Please, though, leave a review, they make me happy.


 ( Burrow in my Heart )

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